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ワークキャンプ:建設した教室の前で記念撮影 期間:2007年8月31日~9月2日
開催地: パナイ島ナムコン
参加者: 日本人10名、フィリピン人5名


日本人キャンパーの声 1. WAKANA

 一番驚いたのがトイレとお風呂。私達は部屋の中でお風呂に入ったが、フィリピン人は服を着たまま体を洗うことにびっくりした。トイレットペーパーを使わないことも驚き。でも想像していたより日本に近い技術もあって、TVがあったり、音楽を聴いたりとまさにNO MUSIC NO LIFEで面白かった。最高の10日間でした。

フィリピン人キャンパーの声 2. MAI

 This is the first time that I had a "sister" who find it difficult to express herself. During the first night while my other sister was sleeping, it took me a long time to understand what she means, my patience was tested. I proved that language barrier is not a hindrance in having a deeper friendship I feel that she is willing to share and to know things about me and about Filipinos in general but it was really hard for her. I just hope that I have given her enough time and shared with her enough informatin.

日本人キャンパーの声 3. YUSUKE


フィリピン人キャンパーの声 4. TONI

 Hospitality of Filipino is one of traits that we can share not only to foreign people but also to our fellow Filipino. This hospitality is such a wonderful thing that our foster family shared to us. The friendship that we share to all of capmers is also a wonderful thing because even though we differ in culture and values we treat one anoher as real sister and brother.