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開催地: パナイ島ナムコン村
参加者: 日本人14名、比人7名、スタッフ十数名

(写真上) ナムコン村との協同プロジェクト第3弾!

フィリピン人キャンパーの声 1. BETCH

The homestay is very convenient for us because the family is also kind, warm and hospitable. Aside from that the place is quite a scenery, the best place to have star gazing at night. Lots of surprizes everyday like frogs jumping in pillows and mud!! whooo that was fun. It's always fun going to base camp and back fowards home. And the best things is I have 3 brothers and everyone united at this camp!

フィリピン人キャンパーの声 2. GRACE

From this camp I learn that everyone can help in their own ways, it doesn't matter if you were poor or rich as long as you are willing to help those who are in need. Friendhip is possible in a short period of time as long as you're sincere, kind an helpful!

フィリピン人キャンパーの声 3. Diana

As a camper, I have a lot of experience that I can never forget. Just like homestay together with Jap Campers, I learned nwo to communicate them in a easy way. About the water tank project, now I know how hard to make aand work And I also learn how to interact with other opeple. I neer regret that I've joined this work camp. coz' It's one of the memorable experience in my whole life.

フィリピン人キャンパーの声 4. Maki

By staying with the foster family for an eintire week, I learnd about their difficulty with their current situation, yet trying their best to accommodate us. Drinking almost every night, spending 24/7 time with the Japanese fellow campers...really beyond words..!

日本人キャンパーの声 5. Yuuki


日本人キャンパーの声 6. Fumie