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期間: 2006年2月18日~2月27日
開催地: ギマラス島タラバハン
参加者: 日本人11名、比人6名、スタッフ十数名

Dear Japanese Friends

Hello Friends! I'm just one of those students who have enjoyed every minute with you. You know what? I was really really happy of having you as our friends. Imagine, even across the miles and across the oceans, we've got friends like you. But sad to say, you are now leaving again. If you have just known that I have cried that day when you are about to leave our school. That was Friday, February 24. I have cried not only because of happiness but also because of sadness in my heart.

Friends, I really admired what you have done to us. If we try to look backward and recall everything during World War II, Japan and Philippines were never been friends but rather they were mortal enemies. But now I know there is impossible. That is it! Because every Japanese and Filipinos are now friends.

What I can say is that we thank you so much! Thank you for the love as our friends and thank you for the help and support. As one of your friends and at the same time, as a fan, I wanna say I LOVE YOU!!!
Until we meet again ...

Happy trip back home!