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Volunteer Voices

“Volunteering for me is an act of doing something out of willingness that would benefit someone or a group (e.g. an individual or a community) without expecting something in return.”

Lovelyn, 26, Government Employee

I am Lovelyn Quillo, I started volunteering in LOOB Inc. on February of 2012. I have a friend who used to be a volunteer and I was amazed by her experiences and how she enjoyed the camps and other activities of LOOB. My friend invited me and I didn't hesitate to join. I couldn 't forget my first camp on which I had a Korean and Japanese homestay sisters.

It was so memorable planting mangroves (bakhaw), eating, talking, having fun and laughing together with them. My other camps and activities were so fun and memorable too. We conducted lectures and fun games with children during the study tour, built a classroom and a wharf, enjoyed outings and a lot more. Japanese and Korean are very fun to be with. I was able to learn their culture and able to be friends with them despite of our cultural differences.

Knowing their lifestyletests and attitudes, I realized the importance of being broadminded and learned to listen to other’s opinion. Through LOOB, I gained self-confidence; self-fulfillment and I can proudly say that I grew as a better individual.

“Volunteering is a free service offered intended to promote goodness and to improve human life, it also helps us gain a lot of things to make us a better person.”             

Aden, 20, Volunteer

I am Aden Joyce Cala-or. I was once a LOOB kid (LOOB Educational Assistance Beneficiary). Seeing a Filipino youth volunteer before encouraged me to become one of them when I grow up. When I entered college, I wasn’t able to finish my course. Since then, I decided to join as a volunteer in LOOB on January of 2014 up to the present.

During my first camp, we help in the recovery of a community struck by the Typhoon Haiyan on 2011. It made me realize the difficulty and inconvenience of my fellow Filipino during that time. There was no electricity for three years and I can’t imagine how they cope up with the situation. I saw the genuine reaction of my Japanese sisters during that time. We were able to construct 3 classrooms and conducted fun activities for kids.

I learned that I don’t need to give money in order to help poor people but also by offering my time and effort. “Learn to love what you’re doing and everything will be worth living.”

"Helping others without thinking or expecting something in return is one of the essense of volunteerism."

Mark, 22, Education Graduate

To be one of the volunteers of LOOB Inc. is exciting as well as challenging. It is exciting, in a way that I can get to mingle with Japanese and Filipino volunteers. It is challenging, because I have to engage myself in a new atmosphere. I learned how to adapt to the new environment. I am very happy when I became a part of LOOB programs. It’s my first time to join in an NGO and I find it very interesting and exciting.  I am looking forward for more experiences to come my way. I am Mark John Silla, proud to be a LOOB volunteer!

“In understanding, volunteering is a worthwhile activity that could help in improving the world views of an individual.”   

Krizza Mae, 19, Education Student

I am Krizza Mae Jaspe fondly called by everyone as Zsa-zsa. I am a LOOB volunteer and also a beneficiary of Educational Assistance Program of LOOB since I was seven years old until now that I am in college taking up a Bachelor of Science in Education major in Biology.

I was curious of those Japanese and Filipino volunteer having homestay in our house and how does it feel to be a foster sister or brother of Japanese and Filipino who stays with a typical Filipino family. I started volunteering last February 17 to March 3, 2013 with the MERRY campers, a group of Japanese education students. That time on, all of my curiosity on how it feels to become a LOOB volunteer was answered. Being a volunteer is amazing! The experiences that you can gain are really worthy. Sharing one another’s culture, beliefs and ideas with the Japanese sisters or brother and with foster family could broaden your knowledge of how you view thing in life. Helping the community that needs assistance is really heart-warming. After MERRY camp, I also joined Jolybee camp. They have a grateful heart that I didn’t expect that they will support my studies and help me in reaching my dreams. I am very thankful and happy to LOOB, because I met those wonderful people. In addition, joining and being a part of LOOB had changed my visions in life.

Now, even though I’m in college with a very tight schedule, I assure that every weekend I can join the English Weekend activity. It helped me in many ways like enhancing my English language skills and teaching skills. Lastly, LOOB changed me and my life that’s why I am very happy and thankful to be a volunteer of this organization.