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What We Do

LOOB was established in 2001 in Iloilo City, Philippines to promote good fellowship among people in the Philippines and Japan. We held our 1st Study Tour on August of the same year and since then hundreds of youth from both countries have been developing friendships through cultural exchange and cooperation for community development.

For every passing year LOOB has expanded its projects, as inspired by the need to address the ever growing social problems in the country, in a manner that is equally responsible and sustainable. This led to the development of activities and projects categorized under LOOB’s 3 Primary Programs:

3E Mission for "Youth & Community Development"

Education for Kids, Experience for Youths, Empowerment for Communities


Programs Overview

We recognize that the integrity of an individual's spirit and his solidarity with the community are the major catalyst for progressive social change and development, thus we take it as our mission to encourage reciprocal learning and mutual understanding between the countries through cultural and educational programs, as a way of contributing to sustainable social progress.

  • RP-Japan Work Camp and Studytour
  • Livelihood Support and Child Minding
  • Educational Support
  • Medical Support
  • Eco & Green

  • Disaster Recovery
  • Sharehouse