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Educational Support

A typical rural Filipino family’s capability to provide education for their children depends largely on the meager income of their parents, whether from farming or fishing.

Our Educational Support Program which started in 2001 is a financial assistance to financially challenged but deserving children with the hopes of alleviating their condition in their pursuit for a basic education. Financial assistance is initially for a year in cognizance of their character, attitude towards education, values and needs, appropriate for the daily attendance of classes of qualified students. Children will be annually reassessed in their eligibility based on their performance and school records.

Every year we're extending the assistance to around 80 children from elementary, high school and college. We accept the applications for this program through the recommendation of our appropriate partners.

Within the scope of the Educational Support Program, LOOB also offers non-formarl education activities like below.


Feeding and Nutrition Activity

    • We started Feeding and Nutrition Activity in 2006 after identifying malnourished children in our partnerned community. We are able to expand this acitivity in 2009 with the help of IMAI FUNDATION, further in 2010 with AJINOMONO, the Japanese food company to conduct daily school meals and help develop the organic garden in Mandurriao Elementary School. Proper nutrition knowledge was conveyed to children in daily lectures as well as some tips on hygiene and sanitation (washing hands and brushing teeth), the food pyramid and proper chewing and digestion. 
    • 食と栄養プログラム



Non-Formal Education

Kids English Activity

On every Saturdays, Filipino and Japanese volunteer staff as well as other foreign volunteers hold the activity for children in three villages to to develop children’s abilities to express their thoughts in English, social skills and life skills. We choose various themes and teach them in English so that children can learn more outside a school. LOOB sets this activity as mandatory for sponsor kids for our monitoring purpose in our partner communities namely Brgy. Calajunan and Brgy. Navais, Mandurriao, and Brgy. Namocon, Tigbauan, but practically we welcome non-sponsor kids and youths as well.

Your creative ideas are always welcome to keep this weekly activity more interesting and fun!Weekend Activity

Kids Camp and Outdoor Activitity

Children are the key for the future generation especially in terms of conserving our environment. Every May, during children's summer vacation time, we conduct Kids camp in the National Marine Reserve in Guimaras island where children can appreciate the beauty of marine sancturary. We invite around 40 children from three areas. LOOB kidscamp