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Eco and Green

Our commitmen to our mother earth is to teach the youth the beaty of nature and how to respect and preserve the environment around us. This become one of our priority since our community partner in Guimaras experienced the massive oilspill in August, 2006.

1. Environmental Education and Recycling Campagn in school

Every school in the Philippines shall practice waste management principles such as minimization, specifically resource conservation and recovery, segregation at source, reduction, recycling, re-use and composting in order to promote environmental awareness and actions among students. LOOB aims to help the Elementary School for the segregation of Waste Materials inside the school premises through the tie-up with Pupil Government. We collected all the juice packs that collected by Pupil Government Officers every week and make this into small or big bags, wallets, and etc. The main objective of this program is to develop the individual the proper way of segregating the waste materials inside the school premises, inside the classroom and personal discipline among pupils.

2. Kids Camp in Guimaras Island

The Kids Camp in Guimaras island is held annually, designed for the campers to experience the beauty of natural ocean, which invites approximately 40 children from 3 areas for free. It started in 2008 with our heart to allow the kids to experience the great nature of the sea that the Philippines is proud of. The theme of the camp, “Children are the Key for the Balance of Nature”, is set in order for the participants and kids to think about the future generation who is going to be the bearers of the results from today's actions. Conducting nature games where groups compete on white seashore with blue ocean, singing and dancing under the sky covered by stars. This is a camp which encourages kids to fall in love with nature.

3. Mangrove Planting 

Mangrove is the generic name of plants living on the shore where seawater and fresh water of tropical and subtropical areas are blended. It has significant roles of both sea and forest for the ecosystem. There are 80 kinds of mangrove out of which 46 of them live in the Philippines.

In the Philippines, there were 500,000 hectares of mangrove 100 years ago. However, 75% of them disappeared due to various reasons and the size decreased to 120,000 hectares. The primary reason is aquaculture programme led by the government since 1950s. Then, the importance of mangrove ecosystem became clear and thus the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) set the goal of recovering 83,000 hectares of mangrove and appeal municipalities, educational institutions and NGOs to proactively conduct planting activities.

To achieve marine environment conservation and enlightenment of the citizens in the Philippines, we corporate with DENR and regularly plant mangroves.

【We Planted...】
・August 2007---5,300@Nueva Valencia, Guimaras (20th Workcamp)
・February 2008---16,700@Nueva Valencia, Guimaras (24th Workcamp)
・August 2008---34,000@Nueva Valencia, Guimaras (27th Workcamp)
・February 2009---13,000@Nueva Valencia, Guimaras (30th Workcamp)
・July 2009---6,800@Barotac Viejo, Iloilo (32th Workcamp)
・February 2010---6,050@Barotac Viejo, Iloilo (35th Workcamp)
・July 2010---5,245@Barotac Viejo, Iloilo (39th Workcamp)
・September 2010---1,000@Nueva Valencia, Guimaras (ISAP Workcamp)
・February 2011---1,200@Nueva Valencia, Guimaras (MERRY Workcamp)
・March 2011---7,535@Barotac Viejo, Iloilo (41th Workcamp)
・August 2011---1,000@Nueva Valencia, Guimaras (45th Workcamp)
・February 2012---7,393@Barotac Viejo, Iloilo (46th Workcamp)
・August 2012---1,000@Nueva Valencia, Guimaras (Internatinal Youth Camp)
・March 2013---1,000@Nueva Valencia, Guimaras (MERRY Workcamp)
・March 2014---500@Nueva Valencia, Guimaras (51th Workcamp)
・May 2014---1,000@Nueva Valencia, Guimaras (10th Kidscamp)
・August 2014---1,000@Nueva Valencia, Guimaras (53th Workcamp)
・May 2015---1,000@Nueva Valencia, Guimaras (53th Workcamp)

Total 109,723 mangroves (11 hectare)

The total number of trees we have planted since 2007 has reached 109,723, which means that we have contributed almost 10.8 hectares towards 83,000 hectares of DENR's recovery target.

4. Planting in dumpsite area

As Iloilo city embarked on planting trees for odour control as well as greening from 2011, LOOB also started planting trees such as acacia and mahogany around the dump. Blending sand onto the surface of the garbage dump and planting trees make the appearance beautified. As a result, the odour used to spread to the near communities was considerably curbed. At the same time, we conduct kids activities, which promote 3R.

【We Planted...】

・August 2011---50 @Calajunan(Exseed Studytour)
・August 2011---100 @Calajunan(LOOB 45th Guimaras Workcamp)
・August 2011---100 @Calajunan(ISAP Camp)
・February 2012---100 @Calajunan(Exseed Studytour)
・February 2012---100 @Calajunan(LOOB 47th Guimaras Workcamp)
・March 2013---100 @Calajunan(JOLYBEE Workcamp)

Total 550