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Be a Volunteer...!

Come and Join us...!!

We offer opportunities for interested volunteers on the following programs to enthusiastic individuals to become a part of our volunteer team for 2017 Work Camps, Study Tour, and ESAP (English & Social Action Program).

Meet other people with different culture while learning our holistic approach to community development, inter-cultural exchange, education for children and more.

We have been encouraging the Filipino youth to take part in our program and have an enjoyable and unforgettable experience while being involved in a positive and uplifting volunteering work.

After Volunteering

  • You will be able to enhance your English skills
  • Increase  your social awareness
  • Develop your leadership and organizing skills.
  • Experience and learn other’s culture through intercultural activity.
  • Gain more friends around the world.


How to Become LOOB’s Volunteer

Submit your volunteer application from here and we will contact you after 3 – 7 working days for a short phone call. We will then schedule for pre-orientation and brief interview with our program coordinator.


Schedules and Commitment

We are looking for a commitment, to participate in our activities. Volunteers are expected to complete the duration of each selected activity. If this is not possible you may contact us and we will discuss other options.


Work camp (Februrary to March, 2017)

Help in building classrooms, developing livelihood programs, environmental education and intercultural activities by immersion in the community for ten to twelve days.

Study tour (Februrary to March, 2017)

Assist in conducting short studies about the Philippines present social, educational, healthcare situation by providing lecture, interview and visitation to elementary schools, universities, medical facilities, local dumpsite area, other NGOs. Interaction at homestay for ten to twelve days is one way of building awareness the community.

ESAP (December, 2015 and January, 2017)

Assist in meeting our goal to develop the participant’s English skills in order to learn and take action in our social problems through weekend activities, interaction with local people and at homestay for 7 days.

Child Minding

(Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Assist in providing safety and additional learning to the children living and working at the local dumpsite area by conducting fun and enjoyable lectures and activities during school days.

Weekend Activity (Every Saturday)

Assist in providing additional learning to our Educational beneficiaries in three different communities by conducting educational and fun activities. It is an opportunity to interact with children and other foreign participants by taking part in this program.


Volunteers must be...

  • Enthusiastic and have a positive outlook towards volunteering.
  • Interested to take part in community development and intercultural exchange activity.
  • Friendly and socially responsible.
  • Volunteers are expected to be comfortable in speaking conversational English.


Accommodation and transportation

We provide accommodation depending on the activity. Volunteers are required to stay at our sharehouse the day before the start of Work Camp or Study Tour. Volunteers and participants will be accommodated at homestay during the immersion in the community.

LOOB will be providing all transportation needed for a specific activity.